Bergen County Mosquito Control

Cases of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus have been confirmed in 15 states. (Credit: CBS 2)

Doctors In U.S. On High Alert For Chikungunya Virus

A new threat of mosquitoes carrying a new, dangerous virus has doctors on high alert.


The Asian tiger mosquito is known to carry dengue virus. (file/credit: Getty Images)

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Out For Blood During The Day

With all the recent rain, North Jersey is a perfect breeding ground. And experts said the Asian tiger doesn’t need much space.


Mosquito (credit: CBS 2)

Will More Mosquitoes Mean More West Nile Virus This Year?

Between Superstorm Sandy and a very rainy June, it is shaping up to be an epic season for mosquitoes. But will that mean a lot more of the potentially deadly West Nile virus?