Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: February 4, 2016Thursday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day" featured Craig imagining what kind of clever giveaway the Mets might come up with to honor Yoenis Cespedes during the 2016 season.
B&C Morning Show: Friday's Podcast & MOTD Jerry Recco knew he had his highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' secured
B&C Morning Show: Jets Lack Of Wide-Receivers Could Be A ProblemWith the Jets and the Giants preparing to battle it out tomorrow night, Craig is starting to grow concerned about Gang Green's lack of receivers.
B&C Morning Show: A Couple Of 'Near Death' Experiences And Two Entirely Different Boomer'sWe heard all about Boomer & Craig's 6 1/2 hour golfing experience yesterday and were then introduced to two very different Boomers.
B&C Morning Show: Mario Chalmers Talks About Beating Down Jeremy Lin And Being A ChampionBoomer & Craig were happy to welcome Mario Chalmers into the Allstate Studio, despite the fact that he is a member of the World Champions Miami Heat.
B&C Morning Show: Mocking The Coverage Of Tim Tebow, Morning Extravaganza Style Craig got into character(s) and mocked the manner in which ESPN has 'covered' the circus that has become, Tim Tebow and the Jets
B&C Morning Show: Might Joba Be On His Last Leg For The Yankees? Craig is starting to believe that Joba Chamberlain is on his last leg and that the once promising right-hander may not even make the postseason roster.
B&C Morning Show: Boomer Offers An Evaluation; Jerry Delivers An UpdateJerry Recco got to delivering his first update of the morning, Boomer offered a few things to look out for when watching the game.
B&C Morning Show: Lets Play Some Football!It may be just a preseason game taking place tomorrow night at MetLife Stadium, but when the two teams competing are the New York Giants and the New York Jets the game kinda means something.
B&C Morning Show: Thursday's Podcast & MOTDEarlier in the show we had 'virtual Boomer' talking about 'huge junk' and stuff. Jerry thought the bit would work perfectly for his highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day'
B&C Morning Show: Teixeira Is 'On The Mark' With Boomer & CartonWith the Yankees in the mist of another hot-streak, Boomer & Carton were happy to welcome their 1st baseman Mark Teixeira.
B&C Morning Show: A-Rod Gets Deep Over Melky; Virtual Boomer Gets Nutty Over Junk Alex Rodriguez gets pretty deep after being asked about his friend Melky Cabrera's 50 game suspension.

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