Briana Ojeda

Family and friends gather in Brooklyn to call on the NYPD to re-train and re-certify police officers in First Aid and CPR. (credit: Stan Brook, 1010 WINS)

Parents Of Briana Ojeda Call For NYPD Action Nearly 2 Years After Daughter’s Fatal Asthma Attack

Michael and Carmen Ojeda contend that police officer Alfonso Mendez refused to give their daughter CPR.


Friends and family of Carmen and Michael Ojeda (center) rally for Briana's Law, a bill that would require annual NYPD CPR retraining. Briana Ojeda died shortly after a cop failed to administer CPR during an asthma attack.

City, NYPD Sued In Brooklyn Girl’s Asthma Death

The family of Briana Ojeda, 11, has filed suit against the city after an NYPD officer allegedly refused to administer CPR to their daughter, who later died at an area hospital.


Friends and family rallied in Brooklyn on Sunday for reform in NYPD CPR training after Briana Ojeda suffered a fatal asthma attack while a police officer failed to administer CPR.

NYC Couple Demands NYPD Reform After Cop Failed To Help

The Brooklyn parents whose daughter died of an asthma attack when a police officer failed to perform CPR are now mobilizing a movement to require officers to take action, and to be prosecuted if they don’t.


Briana Ojeda, 11, died after suffering an asthma attack in Brooklyn. (credit: CBS 2)

Family Demands Justice After Brooklyn Girl’s Death

The parents of the 11-year-old Brooklyn girl who died August 27 following an asthmatic attack are pushing for new legislation that would mandate CPR training and recertification for NYPD officers.


Briana Ojeda, 11, died after suffering an asthma attack in Brooklyn. (credit: CBS 2)

Family Wants Law Changed After Girl’s Asthma Death

Briana Ojeda, 11, died on August 27th. Her mother tried to rush her to the hospital, but was stopped by Officer Alfonso Mendez.


Briana Ojeda, 11, died after suffering an asthma attack in Brooklyn. (credit: CBS 2)

Brooklyn Girl Who Died From Asthma Attack Laid To Rest

After the funeral mass for 11-year-old Briana Ojeda, the horse-drawn carriage carrying her casket made one special stop before going to the cemetery — at her home in Boerum Hill.


Photo/CBS 2

Brooklyn Cop Suspended After Failing To Perform CPR

A Brooklyn police officer was suspended Tuesday after allegedly failing to give CPR to Briana Ojeda, who suffered an asthma attack and then died on the way to the hospital, police said.


Michael Ojeda (Photo/CBS 2)

Brooklyn Cop Responsible For Life And Death Delay?

Michael Ojeda said his young daughter Brianna died as she tried to fight through an asthma attack while her mother was stopped by someone in uniform on the way to the hospital.