calico cat

Willow With Jack and Lola (credit: Juliet Papa)

Purrfect Ending: After Five Years, Willow The Cat Reunited With Family

Hey, kitty cat!” squealed 3-year-old Lauren “Lola” Squires, as she greeted the cat — who went missing before she was born — for the first time at the Hilton New York hotel.


Cross-country cat

Questions Remain, But Willow The Cat Headed Back Home To Colorado said the feline may have been adopted by a New Yorker on a Colorado ski vacation, thinking she was a stray. The two then flew back to New York, where Willow stayed the next five years.


Cross-country cat

After Five Years, Colorado Cat Found On Manhattan Street

Five years and 1,600 miles later, Willow, a calico cat who wandered away from her home in Colorado was found today on East 20th Street.


This calico cat somehow washed ashore Governors Island in April, 2011. (credit:

Stray Cat Washes Up On To Governors Island

According to the Governors Island Blog, the cat may have caught a ride on some flotsam after being swept into a river during the recent floods in New Jersey.