A diner at the Snowdonia Pub enjoys a burger covered in mac and cheese, part of an alternative menu offered by the pub on April 20. (Credit: Gary Baumgarten/1010 WINS)

Queens Pub Offers Special ‘420’ Inspired Alternative Menu

The owners of the Snowdonia Pub in Queens have offered an alternative menu for April 20, which appears to have been designed with a certain population in mind.



Seen At 11: Medical Marijuana For Your Furry Friends

When it comes to sick pets many owners will go to great lengths to help them feel better. Now, some have started to take matters into their own hands and have turned to a remedy that isn’t even legal in some states.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (file / credit: Tim Larsen / Governor's Office)

NJ Gov. Chris Christie To Allow Medical Marijuana Law To Go Forward

Christie says he will allow the state to begin dispensing medical marijuana despite his concerns over whether federal authorities could prosecute state regulators.


Dave Warden shows off marijuana seen at a dispensery - Los Angeles, CA - Oct 19, 2009 (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

New Jersey Reacts To Federal Statement On Medical Marijuana

The U.S. Justice Department says that marijuana dispensaries and licensed growers in states with medical marijuana laws could face prosecution for violating federal drug and money-laundering laws.


Marijuana (credit: CBS 2)

Gov. Christie Makes Deal On Medical Marijuana Regulation

The compromise might be enough to short-circuit an effort in the Legislature to throw out medical marijuana regulations proposed by Christie’s administration.


Marijuana (file/credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

NJ Assembly Asks For Medical Marijuana Rule Change

New Jersey’s General Assembly has called on the Christie administration to relax its strict proposal to regulate medical marijuana.