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The Price of Living: From 1964 To 2014

See what a difference 50 years makes.


John Lennon

Imagine This: John Lennon On Twitter

Imagine we had this groundbreaking technology fifty years ago when a band as innovative as The Beatles were around. They would certainly take advantage of it, just as they did with every button, knob and fader at their disposal in the studio.


The Beatles With Ed Sullivan

The Beatles Perform On The Ed Sullivan Show

These exclusive photos from the CBS archive of The Beatles, Ed Sullivan (in a Beatles wig!), and the crowd taken from all areas of the studio during the Fab Four’s monumental performance on February 9, […]


The Beatles Live

Dissecting 4 Great Songs Minus The Music

An interesting way to listen to The Beatles music is by removing the music entirely; leaving just the vocals, that is. Paul‘s bass, John rhythm, George‘s unique style and Ringo on drums… all gone! The recording process is a long and tedious one, and fortunately, the parts that made The Beatles’ music whole can be dissected and appreciated on their own.


January 1970: John Lennon (1940 - 1980) with his wife Yoko Ono the first time he was photographed with short hair since his hippy days. (Photo by Anthony Cox/Keystone/Getty Images)

The John Lennon-Yoko Ono Love Timeline

Nearly 45 years ago (March 20, 1969), John Lennon married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar. Their love affair began years earlier, causing the break-up of Lennon’s marriage to Cynthia Lennon and, as many like to believe, the disbandment of The Beatles.


Flying Beatles

What To Know When Googling The Beatles

No matter how big of a Beatles fan you may be, there are still little bits of information about your favorite Liverpudlians you won’t know. That’s why Google is beautiful. This powerful tool will search the vast internet for all the information you desire. In this case, knowledge about one of the greatest bands of all time.


Former Beatles' singer Sir Paul McCartney gives a thumb up after being awarded by French president as officer of the 'Legion d'Honneur' (Legion of honour), the French hightest award on September 8, 2012 at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris. AFP PHOTO / POOL PHILIPPE WOJAZER (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE WOJAZER/AFP/GettyImages)

6 Fun Facts From Paul’s Twitter Q&A

There are a few musicians who appear to withstand the test of time, but Paul McCartney may be the only one reveling in it. At 71 years old, Macca continues to produce and release new music, tours the world with his three-plus hour performances and has a fan base that continues to grow as the days pass.


The Beatles Behind-The-Scenes at The Ed Sullivan Show

Great Beatles Covers By Unknown Musicians

Because of their immense popularity and impact on the music landscape, The Beatles are one of the most covered bands in history. Many great bands have covered the Fab Four numerous times. There are plenty of talented musicians who might not be on your radar that recorded some fantastic Beatles covers. Here are 14 that are definitely worth listening to.


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CBS News Live Experiences “50 YEARS: THE BEATLES”

CBS invites you to a once in a lifetime, exclusive event on the 50th anniversary of the most iconic moment in musical history with CBS News Chief correspondent and moderator Anthony Mason.