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Nina In New York: Could You Dine Without Your Cell Phone?

But what if you reached over and remembered that you actually checked your phone in when you sat down, jury duty-style? That’s the concept at Eva restaurant in Los Angeles, land of inappropriate restaurant-related cell phone behavior.


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The Mobile Monitor: Protecting Yourself From Stealthy Apps Collecting Your Personal Info

Whenever you download an app, do a search on Google or even play a game on your cell phone, you’re putting your personal information at risk.


Prison Cell Block - Credit: AP

Corrections Officers Sentenced In Bribery Scheme

Two former corrections officers who smuggled a cellphone to an inmate at a New Jersey prison for sex offenders have been sentenced to prison terms.


Brown, Franklyn

Queens Man Arrested After Attacking LI Mall Employee

A Queens man has been arrested on charges of robbery and attempted kidnapping after assaulting a female employee at a Long Island mall.


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DOE Investigating Alleged Cheating Scandal At Stuyvesant High School

The student alleged to be at the center of the Stuyvesant cheating scandal, identified as Nayeem Ahsan, was apparently taking cell phone pictures and texting answers.


Rep. Steve Israel (left) holds cell phone used in hacking demonstration at his Hauppauge, NY office on Monday, June 4, 2012 (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

Rep. Israel Wants FCC To Require Cell Carriers To Have Password Protected Voicemail

Rep. Steve Israel demonstrated how hackers can go to a “spoofing” site, enter a cell phone number and gain access to that number’s voice messeges.


Madeleine and Arthur Morris (credit: The Morris Family)

Elderly Manhattan Couple Arthur & Madeleine Morris Die After Minor Car Wreck In Catskills

Arthur Morris and his wife Madeleine died in Andes, New York after trying to make nine fruitless calls from a cell phone for help when their car slid 60 feet down an embankment.


Subway passengers use their mobile devices underground - New York, NY - Sep 27, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond / WCBS 880)

Ask Asa: Cell Phone Theft

How safe is your cell phone? Some surprising figures released by the NYPD indicate 42 percent of recent theft reports involve a missing cell phone.


A man reads a text message on his cell phone. (file/credit: Franko Lee/AFP/Getty Images)

Ask Asa: Letters

From employment laws to flood insurance and cell phone issues, CBS 2’s consumer reporter Asa Aarons is here with some advice.


The iPhone. (credit: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images)

Ask Asa: Extending Your Cell Phone Battery

It happens all the time, you pull out your cell phone to make a call and the battery is dead, but there are ways to avoid running out of power so quickly.


Sketch of Fremont robbery suspect (credit: DCPI)

Bronx Armed Robbery Suspect Still At Large

Police say the robber shot his second robbery victim in the torso before demanding money.


Queens Armed Robbery Suspect (credit: CBS 2)

Search Continues For Queens Armed Robbery Suspect

Police say the suspect approached his victim, gun in hand, and demanded the victim’s wallet and cell phone before fleeing on foot into the Queensbridge Housing Development.


Next Subway Stations To Get Cell Phone Service Revealed

Now that cell phone service has arrived on part of the subway system, the program is poised to expand.


Subway passengers use their mobile devices underground - New York, NY - Sep 27, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond / WCBS 880)

Cell Phone Service Arrives At Some NYC Subway Stations

All underground stations are expected to be wired by 2016, but trains are not expected to have service between stations.


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Police: Queens Cycle-Riding Cell Phone Bandit Strikes For 19th Time

Authorities said the suspect, described by police as a black or Hispanic male, rides a black bicycle to approach victims and grab their cell phones from their hands in all of the incidents. No injuries have been reported.