Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Connecticut Home Invasion Killer, Joshua Komisarjevsky, Seeks New Trial

Lawyers for Joshua Komisarjevsky asked the Connecticut Supreme Court last week to hold an evidentiary hearing, reverse Komisarjevsky’s convictions and order a new trial.


Crime Scene Tape (file/credit: John Li/Getty Images)

Cops: Hoarder Dies After Floor In Home Collapses

A 66-year-old Connecticut woman who appeared to be a hoarder died when the cluttered first floor of her home collapsed into the basement, police said.


Dr. William Petit, the sole survivor of the 2007 Cheshire, Conn., home invasion murders, with his new wife, Christine. (Photo: Handout)

Dr. William Petit Approached By GOP Officials To Run For Congress

Petit’s wife and two daughters were killed in a 2007 home invasion in Cheshire.


Steven Hayes (file / credit: Connecticut State Police)

Cheshire Home Invasion Murderer Steven Hayes Wants To Be Executed Now

Steven Hayes, now on death row for the 2007 murders of a Cheshire woman and her two daughters during a home invasion, is speaking out from prison.


(credit: Alexion)

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Returning To New Haven

A global pharmaceutical company is returning to New Haven as part of Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy’s economic and job growth program, WCBS 880 Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reported.


Sen. Donald Williams speaks at a press conference on November 5, 2008 in Hartford, Connecticut. (Photo by Christopher Capozziello/Getty Images)

Connecticut Senate Expected To Vote On Bill To Repeal Death Penalty

Now that the two men responsible for the Petit family murders in Cheshire have been sentenced to die, a move is underway to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut.


An execution chamber is seen in Huntsville, TX - Jun 23, 2000 - Photo: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

Debate Continues Over Connecticut Death Penalty

Recently, the two men convicted of the horrific Cheshire home invasion murders were sentenced to death. But now the debate is raging over whether to remove the death penalty from the books in Connecticut.


Dress A Girl Connecticut Website (credit:

Conn. Woman Makes Dresses For Poor Girls Around The World

Dress a Girl is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to help create dresses from pillowcases.


An execution chamber is seen in Huntsville, TX - Jun 23, 2000 - Photo: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

Death Penalty Repeal Back On The Agenda In Hartford

With the sentencing to death of both men in the brutal Cheshire home invasion murders, Connecticut lawmakers appear ready to again take up arguments for repeal of the state’s death penalty.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Komisarjevsky Formally Sentenced To Death In Cheshire Home Invasion

A Connecticut man has been sentenced to death for killing a woman and her two daughters during a night of terror in their suburban home.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Judge Denies New Trial In Cheshire Home Invasion Case

A judge has denied a request by convicted murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky for a new trial in the home invasion killings of a woman and her two daughters, saying he received a fair trial.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (Mugshot)

Joshua Komisarjevsky Sentenced To Death In CT Home Invasion

The jury deliberated over the span of five days before returning the verdict against Joshua Komisarjevsky, who will join his accomplice Steven Hayes on Connecticut’s death row.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Jury Enters Day 3 Of Penalty Phase In Komisarjevsky’s Conn. Home Invasion Trial

It’s the third day of deliberations for a Connecticut jury on whether a man convicted of killing a woman and her two daughters in a home invasion should get the death penalty or life in prison.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Penalty Phase Begins In Komisarjevsky Home Invasion Trial

The jury that convicted Komisarjevsky of murder will now decide whether he should be put to death or sentenced to life without parole.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Jury Finds Komisarjevsky Guilty Of Murdering Cheshire Mom, Daughters

Komisarjevsky was found guilty of all counts against him — 17 in total — including aiding the murder of Hawke-Petit and guilty of murdering Hayley and Michaela Petit.