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The 5 Best Live Band Karaoke Bars In New York

Ditch the old school karaoke scene and partake in the live-band karaoke experience, where you become the frontman of a real rock band before a crowd of adoring fans.


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The 5 Best Secret Bars In Brooklyn

Most New York City aficionados pride themselves on knowing the best hangouts, eateries and watering holes. More often than not, however, those “in-the-know” spots tend to be places everyone knows about.


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The 6 Best Watermelon Cocktails in NYC

Perfectly delicious on its own, it’s no surprise that watermelon makes a standout ingredient in a cocktail. Here are some of the best watermelon cocktails to try this summer in NYC.

CBS New York–07/09/2012

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6 Best Piano Bars In New York

We scoured these popular haunts and hidden gems for the best pianists in NYC.


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Plan Your Picnic: 10 Red, White & Blue Food Ideas

Take your Fourth of July picnic, barbecue or pool party to the next level by serving Independence Day-themed cuisine.


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NYC’s 5 Best Hipster Bars

Put on your foam-mesh trucker’s cap and dust off the monogrammed slim-fitting t-shirt, it’s time get in touch with your inner-hipster. If you’re looking for indie music, oddly named drinks, and a consistently artsy crowd, these are the bars for you.


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4 Best Bars For Post-Theater Drinks In New York

Here are five bars where you can extend an evening after going to the theater, each with its own, unique flavor.


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NYC’s 5 Best Bars With Bottle Service

Bottle service is not just for the rich and famous anymore — New Yorkers with a little extra cash can afford bottle service at many hotspots in the city. Here are a few of the best bars with bottle service in New York.


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5 Best Jukebox Bars In New York

These New York City bars have some of the best jukeboxes in the city; just don’t forget your quarters for the tunes.


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5 Best Goth Clubs In New York

The underground Goth club scene throbs a couple clicks below-the-radar in darkly-lit venues from the East Village to Alphabet. Get ready to crawl out of your coffins, don your blackest corsets and creepers, and travel to the darkest edges of New York’s Gothtown.


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NYC’s Top 6 Smokey Cocktails

What’s not to love about smoke in your cocktail? You can get it from single malt scotch whiskies, mezcal, some bourbons, and more. These six New York City spots do it best.


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NYC’s 5 Best Bars For New, Fun Cocktails

Are you stuck in a cocktail rut? Instead of ordering your usual, consider heading somewhere you can taste a drink you’ve never sipped before.

CBS New York–03/03/2012

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The Best 5 NYC Cocktails With House-Infused Syrups

House-made ingredients are practically the norm at top notch cocktail dens across the city. Gone are the days of sticky, sweet, artificial pre-fab bottled syrups, and, once you try these cocktails, you’ll realize precisely why.

CBS New York–02/23/2012

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The 5 Best ‘Healthy’ Cocktails in NYC

We realize that cocktails aren’t exactly healthy, but there are drinks out there made with healthy ingredients that can convince us — at least for an evening — that we’re sticking to those New Year’s resolutions we made a few short months ago…


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NYC’s 5 Best Bars & Restaurants To Celebrate Fashion Week

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 bars and restaurants near Lincoln Center — fashion guru or not.

CBS New York–02/13/2012