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NJ Pols: Renewal Of Rail Commuter Tax Benefit Is 'Baloney'As WCBS 880's Levon Putney reported, Congress approved a package of tax breaks before its winter recess, including restoring $250-a-month benefit for rail commuters -- the same amount given to those who drive.
Blumenthal Wants To Put Commuter Tax Benefit Back On TrackThe Connecticut Democrat said Monday he's pushing for Congress to restore the full tax benefit that expired last year, giving all commuters "parity in the tax treatment they receive."
Sen. Charles Schumer Urges Congress To Restore Full Mass Transit Tax BenefitMore than 300,000 people who take the Long Island Rail Road to work on a daily basis are no longer receiving the full benefit that saved commuters thousands of dollars every year.
Conn. Lawmakers Work To Restore Expired Commuter Tax BenefitWhen the benefit ended Dec. 31, the amount commuters can set aside to pay for their public transit costs before taxes decreased from $245 a month to $130.
Schumer Seeks Extension Of Commuter Tax BenefitSen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., announced Monday that he is urging lawmakers to approve an extension to the federal tax benefit beyond its Dec. 31 deadline.
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