Florida State Coach Defends Jameis Winston: 'There Was No Crime'The adviser for the family of Jameis Winston has asked Florida State why it has chosen now to engage in the Title IX process and accuses the school of trying to protect its own interests and responding to media pressure, the AP reported Tuesday.
Terry Bradshaw 'Sick' Over 'Chicken' Comment, Says Bush Took No Offense"I'm certainly no racist," Bradshaw told WFAN radio on Tuesday. "I've never said an unkind word in my life."
Did Hank Jr. Just Put His Foot In His Mouth Again?In a new Rolling Stone interview, Hank Williams, Jr. thanks ESPN for his career resurgence and says President Obama is "the worst" and "hates America."
New Exhibit Brings Together Three FaithsThe words of three religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are now side-by-side at the New York Public Library.
Poll: Most Americans Oppose Ground Zero MosqueA new CBS News poll found that only 22 percent of Americans think it’s appropriate to build a controversial mosque and cultural center two blocks away from Ground Zero, while 71 percent believe it's inappropriate.
Ground Zero Mosque Taking On New Political LifeThe proposal to build a mosque near Ground Zero hit a whole new level of controversy this weekend when President Barack Obama broke his silence on the issue.

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