Counterfeit Perfume Warning

Seen At 11: Experts Say Up To 10 Percent Of Perfume Is Fake, And Could Be Toxic

CBS 2 has learned about a booming counterfeit fragrance market, and experts say as many as 10 percent of all perfumes for sale are phonies.


Bleached currency is being passed off as real money across our region, according to the Secret Service. (credit: CBS 2)

N.J. Pharmacy Ripped Off Twice By Suspect Using ‘Bleached’ $100 Bills

If you work in Bergen County, you might want to take a closer look at the cash you get from your customers.


A counterfeit Tory Burch purse seized by police (credit: NYPD)

Police Seize Thousands Of Fake Purses, Wallets From NYC Store

Police in Manhattan have arrested six suspects in a multi-million dollar counterfeiting ring.