Gavel (Credit: Clipart)

3 Arrested In Courthouse Fight In Bridgeport, Conn.

Three people were arrested in Bridgeport, Conn., Monday, after a courthouse brawl broke out among family and friends of an alleged murder victim and the defendants in the case.


Monmouth County courthouse (credit: CBS 2)

Monmouth County Courthouse Remains Closed After Dozens Sickened

The Monmouth County courthouse was set to reopen Monday, but that plan was called off Sunday afternoon.


Timothy Mulqueen (credit: Handout)

Authorities: Middletown Courthouse Gunman May Have Been Targeting Mayor Joseph DeStefano

The incident took place at around 9:09 a.m. Wednesday shortly after the courthouse opened. Police say a man drove up on a Honda dirt bike carrying a shotgun inside a hunting sling.