David Silverman

(credit: Atheists.org)

Landlord Nixes Atheist Billboard In Brooklyn; American Atheists President Calls Him A ‘Bigot’

The American Atheists group that had hoped to erect a billboard in Hebrew and English saying “You know it’s a myth… and you have a choice” ran afoul of a higher power: The landlord.


(credit: Atheists.org)

Billboards Promoting Atheism Causing Stir In New York And New Jersey

“You know it’s a myth, and you have a choice.” That’s the message the American Atheists group is sending on two new billboards erected in the heart of two religious communities in our area.


Credit: Catholic League

Catholics Fire Back At Atheists In Billboard Battle

The Catholic League has responded to an anti-Christmas billboard by the American Atheists organization by putting up one of its own that extols Christmas.


American Atheists Billboard (Photo/Terry Sheridan, 1010 WINS)

Atheist Group’s Billboard Targets ‘Closet’ Non-Believers

The billboard featuring a silhouette of a manger scene and text reading “You KNOW it’s a Myth” is located on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln tunnel.