The Best Stores To Help Spruce Up Your Apartment

It’s a new year so why not spruce up your apartment with a new look? Here are five places you can go to redo your favorite room or spice up a lackluster space.


Celebrity caterer Andrea Correale on The Couch. (Credit: WLNY)

Create A Feast For Your Eyes This Thanksgiving

Celebrity caterer Andrea Correale demonstrates how to put together an eye-catching table display for your holiday meal.


Fall Centerpiece

8 Easy DIY Projects to Ready Your Home for Fall

Weatherproofing your home or updating your decor can be a fun and easy do-it-yourself project before fall sets in. Here are a few options to inspire you to get creative.


1.8.13 FLowers 101

Learning The Art Of Flower Design

Just because we’re in the throes of winter doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home with beautiful flowers. In fact, floral designer Michael Gaffney says this is the perfect time to do so.