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"It's a short bus, so that's what we call it, Shorty."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Larry On Park Avenue

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.” – Larry and his Chevy School Bus


“I need to be comfortable.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Anthony At Parish Of St. Agnes Cathedral

“I can fit a lot of junk in my trunk.” – Anthony and his Subaru Impreza 2.5i


“My wife loves the seat warmers.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sawyer At Princess Bay On Staten Island

“You can’t overstate how convenient it is to have all that space.” – Sawyer and his Honda Pilot EX


“The car also has smoked side marker lights, which I did myself.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Geoff At Veterans’ Memorial Park

“My kids, Nicholas and Olivia, love riding in it with the top down!” – Geoff and his Saab 900 SE Convertible


“My friends tell me the back is very roomy, but I like to drive.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Viera At The Staten Island Mall

“I feel like I am in first class when I sit in my car.” – Viera and her Hyundai Azera


"Work, I have meetings in the area!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Christina At The 59th Street Bridge

“Enjoying the car you’re driving is very important.” – Christina and her BMW X3


"My Godfather got it for me as a present."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rachael At Hanson Place

“I blare my music. I roll down my windows and just jam out.” – Rachael and her Ford Fusion


"It's pretty fully loaded."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jessica At Chelsea Piers

“It has everything except for the remote start from that fun VW, Darth Vader commercial.” – Jessica and her Volkswagen Passat


"For this car, I'd get high beam lights."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: David Near The Atlantic Terminal

“I live in Staten Island, but my friends live in Brooklyn.” – David and his Nissan Pathfinder


"I found it at the Manhattan Auto Mall."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ernest At Madison Square Park

“This is for the sporty family man.” – Ernest and his Mazda CX9


"In the summertime, I listen to underground hip hop."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Marc At The Barclays Center

“It’s a Jeep Liberty Renegade Edition: more badass than a typical Jeep Liberty.” – Marc and his Jeep Liberty Renegade Edition


“The car was originally designed to be an expedition vehicle.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Frank On Furniture Row in SoHo

“Have big vehicle, will travel.” – Frank and his Range Rover


“I hate to drive.”


“The Man is starting to implement a lot of bike lanes!” – Rickey and his Nissan Pathfinder


“I got it from the dealership right on 11th Avenue”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alex At Chelsea Market

“It’s comfortable. It’s fully loaded. The Japanese make good cars.” – Alex and his Nissan Altima


"It's super easy to get around the city on a bike."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victor And Becky At The Highline

“Being a stunt man, I felt like it was a good idea to have some experience on a bike.” – Victor and his Triumph Bonneville