Derrick Deacon

(Credit: CBS 2)

Man Acquitted After 24 Years In Prison Suing NYC, NYPD

A man who spent 24 years in prison before being retried and acquitted in a 1989 New York City killing is suing police, saying detectives mishandled the investigation.


Wrongly Convicted Brooklyn Man Sues State For $25 Million After Serving 24 Years In Prison

Derrick Deacon was convicted in the 1989 shooting death of teenager during a robbery in a Flatbush apartment complex. He was freed on new evidence last year.


Gavel (credit: CBS 2)

Brooklyn Jury Acquits Man Imprisoned For 24 Years

Derrick Deacon served 24 years in prison after being convicted of murder. On Monday, a Brooklyn jury took just nine minutes before determining he never belonged there at all.