Video: Driver Counts Cash As NJ TRANSIT Bus Heads Down HighwayNJ TRANSIT officials are looking into a bus driver recorded counting money with his hands off the wheel while driving on a busy highway.
Cuomo Orders Study Of ‘Textalyzer’ Device; Would Tell Police If Drivers In Crashes Were On PhonesPrivacy and civil liberties groups already have questioned whether the technology's use would violate personal privacy, noting that police often must obtain search warrants before looking at a person's phone.
Distracted Driver Slams Into Median In South Brunswick, Police SayA car was caught on camera nearly flying over Route 1 in South Brunswick, New Jersey Wednesday night.
Despite Well Known Risks, Survey Finds Many Use Smartphones Behind The WheelEveryone knows it's dangerous, but a lot of people are still doing it -- driving while distracted.
Study: Distracted Driving Triples Crash RiskA new study shows cell phone use while driving more than triples the risk of getting in a crash.
New Study Shows More Kids Being Struck And Killed By Cars Due To Distracted WalkingPut down the phone when you're walking down the street.
AAA Questions Why Nassau County Police Issue So Few Distracted Driving TicketsThere are calls on Long Island to put an end to dangerous distracted driving as some are calling for police to do more.
Drinking Beverages, Eating While Driving May Soon Get You Ticketed In New JerseyDrinking coffee or eating behind the wheel could soon get you in trouble in New Jersey.
Stamford Police Cracking Down On Distracted DrivingLast year, Connecticut Department of Transportation revealed a startling statistic that drivers talk or text 11 million times a day in the state.
Car Companies Add New Features To Protect Drivers From Distracted TeensFrom texting to distracted driving the Centers for Disease Control say car accidents kill six teenagers every day.
Survey Finds More Drivers Are Distracted Behind The Wheel Despite Understanding RisksEvery year thousands of Americans die in accidents caused by distracted driving.
Freeport High School Students Pledge To Not Text And DriveThe message is all too real for Freeport High Principal Linda Carter. Her husband was killed by a distracted driver.

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