Study Sheds Light On Disturbing Trend In MRI Scans For Back Pain There was disturbing news Friday, about the accuracy of MRI scans for back pain.
New Research Could Mean Earlier Autism Diagnosis, Improved TreatmentAn important development in the early diagnosis of autism could lead to improved treatment.
‘We Are Going To Be Their Worst Nightmare,’ Sanders Puts Drug Company On NoticeThe pharmaceutical company decided to delay its release of the drug after public outrage and Washington lawmakers got involved.
Sex Of Baby May Impact Mother’s Immune System During Pregnancy, Study FindsEvery pregnant woman has heard theories about the sex of her baby -- what she craves or how she's carrying means either a boy or a girl.
Doctors Turn To Balloons To Clear Out Uncomfortable Ear PressureYou know the feeling when your ears pop in an airplane or an elevator? That's your Eustachian tube working, but when it's blocked, you could be in for some big ear problems.
Seen At 11: Are Your Cells Aging You Faster Than The Calendar? There May Be A Simple Way To Find OutWe all know people who seem to be young or old for their age. It turns out their might be a biological reason for that.
Doctors Urge Prevention As Flu Cases In Children Continue To IncreasePediatric flu deaths are considered a key benchmark of a severe flu season. Experts have important advice and warnings for parents.
Study Finds Association Between Post-Partum Depression, Common MedicationPost-partum depression is a devastating problem that can lead to everything from crying and the inability to care for a new baby to suicide.
‘CanChew’ – A Hemp Product Without The High – Offers Hope To IBS SufferersIt's a legal, non-psychoactive extract of the marijuana or hemp plant that's micro-encapsulated into chewing gum.
‘I Know It Helped Me,’ Joe Namath Touts Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers In Treating Brain InjuriesWhat do concussions, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and football legend Joe Namath have in common?
Beyond The Flu Shot: Avoid Nasty Germs And Stay Healthy This WinterCold and flu season is in full swing, and even if you got a flu shot you can still get sick.
Meal Timing, Frequency May Play Role In Preventing Heart Disease; Report ClaimsYou've probably heard it from your mother for years -- breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- well it turns out mom was right.

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