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Senior Citizens Play Schoolyard Games With A Lifesaving PurposeWhen was the last time you played dodge ball, cat and mouse, or hula hoops?
New Pillow Helps People Deal With Nighttime Acid Reflux Without MedicationYou can try avoiding fried or spicy food, or laying off big meals and eating late at night. Sometimes, none of that helps.
Digital Drug Features Built-In Sensor To Ensure Patients Take MedicationIt is being called the world’s first digital drug – a pill with a built-in sensor.
New Guidelines May Mean Millions More Will Be Put On Blood Pressure MedicationA major change is coming how doctors measure high blood pressure, and it means that millions more could be put on medication to control it.
Thousands Of Women Are Donating Healthy Tissue For Breast Cancer ResearchA question for women; would you ever consider donating tissue from your healthy breast?
More Hospitals Allowing Parents In ER As Doctors Treat Their ChildrenParents typically are not allowed in the emergency room as doctors work on their injured children. But there now is a growing trend that permits and even encourages parents to be in the room.
New Treatment Offers Hope For Men Suffering From An Enlarged ProstateAs CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports, there's now a minimally invasive procedure to fix the problem without the use of drugs, or the side-effects men fear.
State-Of-The-Art Ambulance Provides Life-Saving Help For Stroke VictimsSeconds count in all emergency cases, but time is especially critical if the victim is having a stroke.
Researchers Developing Test To Detect Drowsiness In DriversResearchers from University College London analyzed the speech of a driver during his shift every two hours. They found changes in the pitch, rhythm and quality of the worker's voice showed his level of tiredness.
CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez Stops By To Talk About New Book 'Cells Are The New Cure'"Cells Are The New Cure" was written by Gomez and Dr. Robin Smith, which discusses promising treatments using living human cells
Asthma Drug May Slow Brain Damage In Multiple Sclerosis PatientsAn oral asthma drug approved in Japan and used in a relatively small study of 250 MS patients, seems to have slowed that brain loss.
Heart Stents Might Not Be Effective In Easing Chest Pain, Study SaysWhen a patient has a heart attack, stents can be life savers. But many are put in for chest pain, called angina.

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