Experts: 3-Parent Technique Saves Baby From Deadly DNA DisorderResearchers said Tuesday that the first baby in the world has been born using a controversial new technique involving DNA from three parents.
New Drug Xiidra Helps People Battling Dry EyesA new drug may help people suffering from dry eyes.
Using Shakespeare To Help Children With AutismBritish actress Kelly Hunter developed the Hunter Heartbeat Method, drawing on the rhythm and repetition of lines from Shakespearean plays.
Drug Used To Treat Blood, Marrow Disorders Can Also Treat Alopecia, Study FindsNow, researchers have found a drug that regrows hair in alopecia, and may work against male pattern baldness too.
Study: Managing Stress Is Key To Getting The Most Out Of A Healthy DietMany people have been trying to eat healthy with less bad fat, and more good fats like olive oil, but that might not be enough.
Study Participants Without Fitness Trackers Lost More Weight, Researchers SayWearable technology, fitness trackers, old fashioned pedometers -- whatever you call them, they're supposed to motivate you to get up and moving.
Report Urges Parents To Seek Safer Alternatives To Codeine For Cough Suppression In KidsThere was a warning Monday, for parents about a common pain and cough medicine. A new report found some potentially deadly dangers connected with codeine.
Magnets Could Make Life More Comfortable For Kids With ScoliosisImagine having a young child with scoliosis who needs surgery to straighten their spine. That's traumatic enough, but the surgery may have to be repeated every 6 months.
Study: 80 Percent Of Parents Make Measuring Errors When Medicating ChildrenIf you think you're giving your sick child the right amount of medicine, you may not be. It turns out, many, maybe even most parents are either under or overdosing their children.
App Could Help Pre-Diabetic Americans Avoid Devastating Health EffectsHaving diabetes puts people at risk for heart and kidney disease, stroke, amputations, and more. Worse yet, 9 out of 10 of those people don't even know they have it.
Many Parents Don't Follow Doctors' Advice On Children Suffering Concussions, Study FindsChildren suffering concussions are a big problem, especially with football and soccer season here.
Pregnant Women Should Avoid Gadolinium MRI Scans, Study FindsThere is new information about whether or not MRI scans are safe for pregnant women as the first large-scale study on the effect of MRI’s on mother and baby has been released.

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