Breakthrough Drug Offers Multiple Sclerosis Patients A Second ChanceMore people are being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis these days than in the past. While researchers don’t know exactly why, they do know the disease can have devastating effects.
Device Helps Burn Fat And Build Muscle Without Hitting The GymOften people with stubborn fat pockets resort to liposuction, tummy tucks or some other fat-freezing and lasering techniques. Emsculpt may be the alternative many have been looking for.
Doctors Warn Nearsightedness On The Rise In ChildrenIt can lead to serious vision loss, but as CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports, it may be possible to slow the problem with eye drops.
How To Best Protect Your Baby From The Sun This SummerIt’s never too early to think about skin cancer prevention – starting with babies. But when is it OK to use sunscreen on infants? And what type should you use?
'Liquid Biopsy' Could Detect Cancer-Causing DNA Years Before Symptoms Show, Study FindsIt's been called the "Holy Grail" of cancer detection research.
New Balance Test Offers Hope For Parkinson's PatientsThe contraption makes it look like the patient is getting ready to go skydiving or perhaps bungee jumping, but it's actually part of a study to prevent potentially serious falls.
Hitting The Gym Too Hard Could Lead To Potentially Life-Threatening IllnessOverdoing exercise can damage muscles and lead to a potentially deadly illness called rhabdomyolysis, also just called rhabdo.
American Cancer Society Issues New Colon Screening GuidelinesThe American Cancer Society Wednesday said colorectal cancer screenings should start at age 45 and not 50.

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