Brain Surgery Option Now For Patients Crippled By Severe OCDBrain surgery is now an option for those crippled by severe obsessive compulsive disorder.
Death By Hickey? It’s Possible, But Not Very Likely, Experts SayA young man in Mexico reportedly suffered a stroke and died as a result of getting a hickey from his girlfriend.
New Glasses Allow Colorblind To See Spectrum Of BrillianceImagine not being able to see the colors in a rainbow, the red in a stop sign, or the green in a traffic light. It's reality for many, but a new pair of glasses is changing that.
‘Symfony’ Lenses Could Change The Way Cataracts Patients See The WorldThere are nearly 25-million Americans with cloudy lenses in their eyes called cataracts. Cataract surgery is very successful and now, it's gotten even better.
Special Artificial Joint Saves Woman From Losing Leg After Knee ReplacementTotal knee replacements are done thousands of times a year, restoring mobility and easing pain.
Drill Free Cavity Treatment Takes The Pain Out Of Going To The DentistHow do you like going to the dentist to have cavities filled and drilled? Not so much? Imagine being a young child with cavities -- even worse!
Doctor Uses Special ‘Gentle Liposuction’ To Treat Lipedema, Save LivesImagine a disease where your legs keep growing out of control, not longer, but wider. It could be life threatening.
3D Technology Is Making Back Surgery Safer And More AccurateYou've heard of 3D technology being used for everything from designing cars and houses to printing out body parts.
‘Smart Pills’ Are Changing The Way Pediatricians Treat Their PatientsYou may have heard of smart cars, smart phones, and even smart washing machines, but what about smart pills?
Report: Sugar Doesn't Make Children HyperactiveIs there anything kids like more than candy, cake and ice cream? And anything parents like less when it comes to the apparent effects on behavior?
Vitamin D Could Prove To Be Cheap, Over-The-Counter Alternative To InhalersMore than 25-million Americans have asthma -- a number that keeps on climbing. While many are controlled with medication, about half of all asthmatics still have an attack in a given year.
Doctors Employ New Techniques To Take The Pain Out Of Getting A ShotNo one likes to get shots -- not adults, and definitely not children. With the CDC recommending against the nasal spray flu vaccine for kids this year, kids may need to get another shot.

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