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NYC’s Top 3 ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Cocktails

Happy Hangover! If your vitamins and minerals are a tad on the depleted side after a New Year’s celebration, these cocktails may cure what ails you.

CBS New York–01/01/2013

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NYC’s 5 Best Mulled Cider Cocktails

The temperatures out there say winter has arrived, and so do cocktail lists across the city. So slip on your mittens, don your best pair of earmuffs, and head on over to these spots serving up winter’s hottest cocktail ingredient: Cider.

CBS New York–12/27/2012

Dell'anima cocktail

The 6 Best Hot Cocktails For Fall In NYC

Winter is sneaking up on us and New Yorkers are looking to get cozy during the late autumn chill. From old faithfuls like spiked hot chocolates to fancy spiced mulled wines, here are a few warming cocktails.


Credit: Facebook.com/ Black Swan Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s 5 Best Bars Off The Beaten Path

Brooklyn’s developing neighborhoods offers fresh scenery, a new crowd to mingle with, and, often, cheaper drinks. Here’s a look at the best bars in Clinton-Stuy-Wick.

CBS New York–10/23/2012

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NYC’s 5 Most Underrated Music Bars

The CMJ Music Marathon is in town this week, filling NYC music venues with attention-hungry bands, college radio DJs and record industry scouts. Here are the best bars to find under-the-radar musicians in the Big Apple.

CBS New York–10/17/2012

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NYC’s 5 Best New Beer Cocktails For Fall

The beer cocktail trend isn’t going anywhere, as NYC bartenders continue to add malted ingredients to their mixology. Here are some of the best cocktails featuring a splash of brew this fall season.


Credit: M Booth & Associates

The 5 Best NYC Bars For Sherry Cocktails

Sherry, often considered a cooking ingredient or a dessert wine fit for grandmas, is making a resurgence as a velvety cocktail ingredient that pairs especially well with fall flavors. Try one of these 5 bars for a sherry cocktail this season.

CBS New York–10/08/2012

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NYC’s 5 Best Bars For Rye Whiskey Cocktails

Made from a mash of fermented rye grain, rye whiskey has a more aggressive flavor than the sweeter bourbon and is traditionally used in classic cocktails such as the Sazerac and the Manhattan.

CBS New York–09/17/2012

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NYC’s 5 Bars For Late Night Bites

Burning the midnight oil and a hole in your stomach at the same time? Night owls will want to head to these NYC hotspots dishing the best plates into the wee hours.

CBS New York–09/14/2012

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The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Chelsea

Check out Chelsea for a glimpse of glamour as you sneak into secret dens for expertly crafted cocktails.


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NYC’s 5 Best Apple Cocktails

Appletinis are so passe–put down the candy-colored drink and pick up one of these refreshing apple cocktails for a taste of fall.

CBS New York–09/08/2012

The Spazerac (credit: The Tippler)

The 5 Best Summer Cocktails To Try In NYC

With Labor Day fast approaching, there’s only a little time left to enjoy the best parts of summer in the city. Start with a drink! These cocktails are our five seasonal favorites in the Big Apple.


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The 4 Best Cocktail Bars In Soho

Known for designer boutiques, art galleries and trendy restaurants, Soho is NYC’s quintessential quadrant of downtown chic. While the neighborhood’s nightlife options range from upscale to divey, there are plenty of world-class cocktail bars to choose from.

CBS New York–08/23/2012

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The 7 Best Oyster Happy Hours In Manhattan

Slurp down a handful of Blue Points, Beausoleils and West Coast oysters for only $1 each. Add in drink deals and the occasional cheap clam special and you’ll find some of the happiest happy hours in NYC.

CBS New York–08/20/2012

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The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Prospect Heights

To be fair, these aren’t all bars, per se — several are full-fledged restaurants — but they all serve cocktails that make them worthy of the cocktail bar moniker, at least in our opinion.

CBS New York–07/31/2012