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The 5 Best Secret Bars In Brooklyn

Most New York City aficionados pride themselves on knowing the best hangouts, eateries and watering holes. More often than not, however, those “in-the-know” spots tend to be places everyone knows about.


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6 Best Piano Bars In New York

We scoured these popular haunts and hidden gems for the best pianists in NYC.


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5 Unique Nights Out In New York

For those who are looking for a little extra, the city that never sleeps holds unending promise. From the skies above the city to it’s hidden corners, you just need to know where to look.


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NYC’s 5 Best Hipster Bars

Put on your foam-mesh trucker’s cap and dust off the monogrammed slim-fitting t-shirt, it’s time get in touch with your inner-hipster. If you’re looking for indie music, oddly named drinks, and a consistently artsy crowd, these are the bars for you.


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4 Best Bars For Post-Theater Drinks In New York

Here are five bars where you can extend an evening after going to the theater, each with its own, unique flavor.


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NYC’s 5 Best Bars With Bottle Service

Bottle service is not just for the rich and famous anymore — New Yorkers with a little extra cash can afford bottle service at many hotspots in the city. Here are a few of the best bars with bottle service in New York.


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The 5 Best Events For NYC’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic

This multi-day event features parties, seminars, and drinks galore for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The opening night gala at the New York Public Library may be sold out, but there are still tickets left for unique boozy experiences at some of the city’s best venues.


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NYC’s 5 Best Restaurants For Seafood & Drinks

Here are the top spots where you can taste the catch of the day while sipping a refreshing cocktail or glass of wine or beer.

CBS New York–04/20/2012

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5 Best Jukebox Bars In New York

These New York City bars have some of the best jukeboxes in the city; just don’t forget your quarters for the tunes.


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5 Best Goth Clubs In New York

The underground Goth club scene throbs a couple clicks below-the-radar in darkly-lit venues from the East Village to Alphabet. Get ready to crawl out of your coffins, don your blackest corsets and creepers, and travel to the darkest edges of New York’s Gothtown.


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NYC’s Top 5 Spots For Burgers And Cocktails

It seems as if there’s always a new joint popping up in New York City boasting the “best burger.” But what to pair with that meat patty? Here are 2011’s best bets for flipping burgers and shaking drinks at the same time.

CBS New York–03/01/2012

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The 5 Best ‘Healthy’ Cocktails in NYC

We realize that cocktails aren’t exactly healthy, but there are drinks out there made with healthy ingredients that can convince us — at least for an evening — that we’re sticking to those New Year’s resolutions we made a few short months ago…


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The 3 Best Sour Cocktails In NYC

The variations for a sour are endless–add different sweeteners, fancy fruits or egg white–but the result is always tart and refreshing. Pucker up for these sour cocktails in NYC.

CBS New York–07/28/2011

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Drink NYC: 3 Best Boozy Desserts

From vodka-soaked watermelons to spiced rum cake, the combination of liquor and dessert seems to go over well with a crowd. So it’s no surprise that NYC chefs and bartenders would put the two together to create the ultimate indulgence.


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Drink NYC: Best 3 White Whiskey ‘Moonshine’ Cocktails In New York

White dog, moonshine, corn whiskey, raw whiskey, white whiskey–whichever name you call it, unaged, just-off-the-still whiskey is a hot trend in NYC.