Researchers Developing Test To Detect Drowsiness In DriversResearchers from University College London analyzed the speech of a driver during his shift every two hours. They found changes in the pitch, rhythm and quality of the worker's voice showed his level of tiredness.
Sunday Marks The Start Of National Drowsy Driving Prevention WeekThe National Sleep Foundation says more than one-third of adult drivers admitted they've fallen asleep behind the wheel.
Government Group Looks To Prevent Drowsy Driving CrashesAAA says drowsy driving is to blame for one in five fatal crashes in the United States and now one government group is coming up with plans to help reduce the number of crashes.
Driving On Less Than 5 Hours Sleep Poses Same Risk As Driving Drunk, AAA Study FindsAccording to a new AAA study, crash risks are nearly doubled for drivers who get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, with a nearly 400 percent increase for those who missed two to three hours of sleep.
NTSB Hosts Forum To Call Attention To Drowsy DrivingThe AAA says 41 percent of drivers admit "falling asleep or nodding off" while driving at least once in their lifetime.
Seen At 11: Drowsy Drivers May Put Your Family At Risk This SummerIf your summer plans include driving you could come across a new danger on the roads this year. Certain allergy medications might be affecting users behind the wheel.
AAA Warns Of The Dangers Of Drowsy Driving AAA is spreading the word about drowsy driving after new data showed an astounding one in every six fatal crashes involved a drowsy driver.

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