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The Dukes Report: Boomer & Carton’s NFL Frenzy

It’s Boomer & Carton — it’s like you’re in the game. Right?


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The Dukes Report: 50 Shades Of Craig

Now most of you probably think: The Boomer & Carton morning show staff must only watch sports. But they read too — books! Check out how “50 Shades of Grey” became an obsession of Craig’s.


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The Dukes Report: Boomer’s ‘Cut Tebow’ Comment Sweeps Nation

In this edition, Al lays out how an off-the-cuff comment by Boomer Esiason quickly swept the sports nation. Yeah, we’re talking about “cut Tim Tebow.”


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The Dukes Report: Do You Know More Sports Than A Hot Chick?

Now, one of Al’s favorite weekly segments is “Do you know more sports than a hot chick?” And the reason for that is simple. Instead of staring at Boomer and Craig all morning, he gets to look at a hot chick.


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The Dukes Report: The Incomparable Lou From Staten Island

Now, Boomer & Carton have a ton of regulars. But there’s one caller who rises above the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, Lou in Staten Island…


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The Dukes Report: What Are You Bench-Pressin’ These Days?

No guest is safe from the dreaded question.


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The Dukes Report: What Is Bougie?

What is bougie? What does it mean, where did it come from? It means you’re out of touch with the common man, a frequent theme here on the program.