Eddie Scozzare

NYC Boomer and Carton Podcast - Edited

B&C Morning Show: Thursday’s Podcast & MOTD

Today Jerry Recco’s highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day’ focused on ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare’s softball swing, which was far from fundamentally sound…


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B&C Morning Show: Oiled-Up Eddie, The Shirtless Handyman

During this action-packed segment, we learned about the fulfilling life led by Boomer & Carton button pusher, ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare.


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B&C Morning Show: The Jets Can Not Be Trusted

With ‘Tebow-Mania’ running wild, the guys opened-up this Friday edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza trying to make sense of the Jets headline grabbing trade and all of the baggage that comes along with it.


NYC Boomer and Carton Podcast - Edited

B&C Morning Show: Podcast, Al’s Prom Absence & MOTD

In an unexpected development, just prior to listening to Jerry Recco’s highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day’ we learned that Al Dukes did not attend his senior prom (by choice of course) choosing rather to go to an arcade in the Woodbridge Mall.


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B&C Morning Show: Boomer Knows Tone Deaf

After Jerry played a cut of Kobe Bryant’s teammate Pau Gasol trying to sing The Fray’s, ‘How to Save a Life’ Boomer commented that the Lakers big-man sounded like he was tone deaf.


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B&C Morning Show: Al And Eddie’s $100 Spending Spree

Craig gave Al Dukes and Eddie Scozzare each $100 and instructed them to go on a ‘shopping-spree’ with a few rules.


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B&C Morning Show: Danny White Takes A Page From Boomer’s Book

While listening to a play-by-play cut of Kevin Burkhardt calling a Cowboys touchdown, Craig noticed that Kevin’s partner in the booth – former Cowboys QB Danny White – has a tendency to ‘jump the call’.


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B&C Morning Show: Irritable Al Dukes

For all of his hilarity, Al Dukes takes his job very seriously and he was visibly distraught this morning based on the likelyhood that today’s Show would revolve around just one topic.


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B&C Morning Show: Craig’s Vindictive Side, Fun With Tarzan And Boomer’s ‘Compliment’ To Craig

Boomer pointed out, that although he lives his life as if it were day camp – Craig can be very vindictive when he wants to be. Somehow That set-off a Tarzan screaming contest among the staff. Then Boomer said something odd.


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POLL: Which Boomer & Carton Staff Member Has The Best Halloween Costume?

Biker Boomer. Mutilated Craig. Max “the Chicken.” The list goes on. Help us figure out the best of the best Halloween costumes in our morning show poll!


Eddie Scozzare (credit: Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes/WFAN), Rob Ryan (credit: NFL via Getty Images)

B&C Morning Show: Eddie Scozzare And Rob Ryan, Separated At Birth?

Early on Tuesday, the guys got a call from Anthony in Belleville, who acutely pointed out that Rex Ryan’s twin brother Rob and our own Eddie Scozzare look an awful lot alike.


NYC Boomer and Carton Podcast - Edited

B&C Morning Show: Podcast And Moment Of The Day

With the intrigue surrounding Rex Ryan’s new tattoo taking on a life of it’s own, Craig asked the staff what they thought the meaning behind the new ink might be and a Moment of the Day was born.


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B&C Morning Show: Eddie’s Health Concerns Really No Concern At All

Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia – who is listed at 6′ 7″, 290lbs – is not what you would call a picture of health.
Neither is the Morning Show’s Eddie Scozzare.


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B&C Morning Show: Would A “Man’s Man” Use Neosporin?

Craig wonders if either Al “Hughes” Dukes or “the” Eddie Scozzare fancied themselves as “Man’s Men”.



B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and Carton

In this very special Friday edition of the program the boys broadcast live from the beautiful Fairmont Southampton Resort in Bermuda.