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Edmund Hartnett

Unplowed driveways

Yonkers Cops: Shovel Or You’ll Be A Target For Thieves

All the snow we’ve seen this winter may be an invitation for crooks to target your home. Several streets in northeast Yonkers have been targeted for burglaries, and certain houses in particular.


Four Loko (credit: Getty Images)

Yonkers Police Investigate Illegal Four Loko Sales

After the recent firestorm surrounding the alcoholic energy drink some call “blackout in a can,” there is increased scrutiny on the sale of beverage to teenagers.


Photo/CBS 2

Cops: Swindlers Used Craigslist In Yonkers Rental Scam

Police in Yonkers say scammers used Craigslist to advertise rental properties to prospective tenants, setting up appointments and meeting their victims at the locations.