Eric Naiburg

Melinda Brady (L), David Laffer (R) (credit: Kathy Kmonicek/AP)

David Laffer, Wife Melinda Brady Plead Guilty In Medford Pharmacy Massacre

Assistant DA John Collins called the execution-style shootings at Haven Pharmacy in Medford “the most cold-blooded robbery-homicide in Suffolk County history.”


Melinda Brady (credit: Kathy Kmonicek,  Pool/AP)

Medford Pharmacy Massacre Suspect Melinda Brady Charged With First-Degree Robbery

No murder charges were filed Tuesday against the wife accused in connection with Long Island’s pharmacy murders. Instead, Melinda Brady pleaded not guilty to upgraded robbery charges.


David Laffer was convicted of murdering 4 people in a LI drug store and stealing thousands of painkillers. In the wake of his crime an investigation uncovered a number of dcotors who are suspected of illegally dealing prescription drugs. (credit: AP Photo/Pool, Victor Alcorn)

Report: David Laffer, Medford Pharmacy Massacre Suspect, Gets High-Profile Attorney

The man charged with killing four people during a drug holdup at a Long Island pharmacy is now represented by Amy Fisher’s former attorney.