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Palladino: Manning’s Relationship With Critical McAdoo Bears WatchingMcAdoo’s comments Monday served notice that Manning’s final years won’t be quite as comfortable.
Palladino: Harvey As Closer? It’s Not An Outrageous IdeaIt became obvious a long time ago that Happy Harvey Days are a thing of the past.
Palladino: On Attitude Alone, Girardi Deserves A New ContractJoe Girardi is not here to make friends. He's here to win games. And he's going to go about doing so as he sees fit. Good for him.
Palladino: Girardi Managing In A Postseason State Of MindThe way Joe Girardi has managed recently, one might half expect Luis Severino or Masahiro Tanaka to come strolling out of the bullpen to save the day.
Palladino: Jets Will Always Battle, But That Won't Be Nearly EnoughThe Jets played hard Sunday. They may continue to do so all season. All the way to Sam Darnold, in fact.
Palladino: Giants' Playoff March Must Start Sunday Night In DallasThe defense is shutdown great. The beefed-up passing game should allow the offense to score, if not at will, then regularly and plentifully enough to produce a walkover or two. Given all that, the Giants have no excuses.
Palladino: Green Could Follow Severino’s Path To Yankees’ RotationChad Green would rather start. And in a year or two or three, he may get his wish.
Palladino: Astros' Decision To Play In Houston Saturday Was In Poor TasteCities move on from tragedies of all types in time. It’s called returning to normalcy. But most wait a respectable time before getting back to regular business, especially if said business involves the fantasy world of pro sports.
Palladino: Bowles Could Survive After The Jets' Ship Goes DownNow that the Jets have finished their preseason schedule, we can take an objective look at what the end of their regular season might look like. From this chair, it’s not as clear-cut as one might think.
Palladino: Mets' Bizarre Season Has Made Bruce A Viable Free Agent TargetIn a Mets season that can only be politely described as ironic, Jay Bruce stands as one of its biggest ironies.
Palladino: With Castro And Bird, Yankees Should Be OK During Sanchez BanLosing Gary Sanchez for four games is going to hurt the Yankees. But there’s a big difference between a needle prick and an MMA kick to the solar plexus.
Palladino: Syndergaard Is Too Valuable To Risk Further Injury In A Lost SeasonTerry Collins and Sandy Alderson both need to ask themselves whether it’s really worth it to bring Noah Syndergaard back to pitch the last week or two of the season.

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