Doomsday Virus Could Infect 64,000 Computers (Credit: CBS 2)

64,000 Computers In U.S. Expected To Be Cut Off On Monday Due To Doomsday Virus

The countdown is on for the doomsday virus that’s capable of knocking out your computer, but there is a way to stop the devastating bug from wiping out everything on your hard drive.


The keyboard of an Apple laptop. (credit: CBS)

Ask Asa: Protecting Your Computer From The Doomsday Program

Federal investigators recently told CBS 2’s Asa Aarons that a dangerous program that has been set loose on the Internet could be waiting to pounce on hard drives around America.


Computer Keyboard (file / credit:

7 Charged In $14 Million Internet Ad Fraud Case

Federal authorities say a crew of Internet bandits devised an international scheme to hijack more than 4 million computers worldwide to generate at least $14 million in fraudulent profits.