5.21.13 Lauie Cole

SoulCycle On The Couch

SoulCycle joined The Couch on Tuesday with instructor Laurie Cole to teach us about spinning, and getting the most from your cycling workout.


5.16.13 Eric Salvador

Fit Minute: Woodchops With Medicine Ball

Eric Salvador, head trainer at the Fhitting Room, visited The Couch for Thursday’s Fit Minute.


4.23.13 Will Torres

Fit Minute: Squat Thrusting

Celebrity trainer Will Torres hit The Couch to show us some core-strengthening moves.


3.28.13 Fit Minute

Fit Minute: More Pre-Natal Moves

Fitness expert Nikki Glor stopped by to show us how to get our bodies ready for baby. These back and ab spinal extensions will help you improve your back strength — whether you’re expecting or not.


John Elliott Fit Minute

Fit Minute: Get Ready For Bathing Suit Season

Are you ready for that two-piece? Dancer/choreographer and fitness trainer Kearia LaShae visited The Couch to show us three moves that combine dance and cardio for a toned midsection.


Brooklyn Boulders

Mobile Couch: Rock Climbing In Brooklyn

As we brace for the nasty weather outside, The Couch sent TV 10-55’s Alex Denis out in search of some indoor activities – and she hit the jackpot in Brooklyn.


Fit Minute With Lisa Lynn

Fit Minute: Zoom Shoulder Press

Fitness expert Lisa Lynn showed us a new move for Tuesday’s Fit Minute, which works your arms and shoulders.


2.28.13 Madonna trainer

Fit Minute: The Chair Workout

Madonna’s personal trainer stopped by The Couch for Thursday’s Fit Minute.


2.25.13 Fit Min Challenge

Fit Minute: Results Of The Two Week Challenge

Is it possible to look and feel better in two weeks? That was the challenge we gave to two of our viewers before we teamed them up with two of our fitness experts.


2.12.13 Fit Min

Fit Minute: Temple Dancer & More Yoga Moves

Yoga expert and ‘Rock Your Yoga’ host Sadie Nardini hit The Couch on Tuesday to show us how rock music and yoga can go together.


1.24.13 FItness Gear

8 Best & Worst Home Fitness Products: Which Ones Are Worth Your Money?

We’ve seen commercials for everything from the Thigh Master to the Ab Wheel – but which products are worth your money?


1.24.13 Fit Minute

Fit Minute: Sumo Squat With A Drag

For 20 years, Larysa DiDio has trained celebrities, Olympians and mothers and fathers across the country.


Carolina Primal Workout

New ‘Primal Workout’ Series On UWS Is Intense

Alligator, panther, gorilla and ostrich — no, we’re not talking about a trip to the Bronx Zoo. The fiesty creatures are a part of a new workout series at the Reebok Sports Club on the Upper West Side.


1.22.13 Fit Min

Fit Minute: Simple Plank Moves

Celebrity ranter Dolvett Quince from The Biggest Loser joined The Couch to show us some moves to stabilize your core.


1.17.13 FIt Mni

Fit Minute: Towel Workout

Simone De La Rue, founder of “Body By Simone,” joined us for Thursday’s Fit Minute.