facade collapse

The facade of Tequila Sunrise restaurant collapses onto the sidewalk in Larchmont, NY on Aug. 28, 2015. (credit: Lou Young/CBS2)

Façade Collapses At Popular Larchmont Restaurant Tequila Sunrise

It happened around 12:30 p.m. Friday at Tequila Sunrise on Larchmont Road near Boston Post Road.


The facade collapsed at the West Orange Public Library on Thursday, Jan. 29. (Credit: CBS2)

Façade Collapses At Public Library In West Orange, New Jersey

The façade of a library collapsed Thursday afternoon in West Orange, New Jersey.


Brooklyn Bridge Wall Collapse

Man Says Family Could Have Been Killed In Brooklyn Bridge Facade Collapse

Forget about “London Bridge falling down, my fair lady” – it’s the Brooklyn Bridge that visibly broke apart this week, or at least a small section of its façade.


Five people were injured when a facade on the side of the Brooklyn Bridge collapsed in Brooklyn on Wednesday, July 2. (Credit: FDNY)

5 Hospitalized After Facade On Side Of Brooklyn Bridge Collapses

Five people were sent to hospitals Wednesday evening when a façade collapsed beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in downtown Brooklyn.


West New York Facade Collapse

4 Injured When Facade Collapses In West New York, N.J.

Four people were injured Tuesday evening in a partial façade collapse in West New York, New Jersey.


Fire engine (file/credit: Clipart)

Facade Collapse Crushes Cars In Hackensack, N.J.

The façade of a building in Hackensack, N.J. collapsed Saturday morning, causing no injuries but damaging vehicles below.


Entrance To 655 6th Ave., Where Facade Collapsed (credit: Google Maps)

Residents Of Chelsea Apartment Building Evacuated After Facade Collapses

All residents of the building have been evacuated and the MTA has a bus on scene to help shelter the few dozen evacuees, according to the FDNY.