Flight 1052

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Passenger: Slater Gave Impression He Was Drinking

Where flight attendant Steven Slater tells “one” story, passengers are now saying there’s a whole other side of him that’s quite different from the folk hero and victim he’s been made out to be.


Photo From Steven Slater's MySpace Page

JetBlue Attendant Makes Bail, Mysteriously Whisked Away

After one night on Rikers Island, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater made his $2,500 bail on Tuesday and was quickly wisked away into a waiting mini-van.


Photo From Steven Slater's MySpace Page

Judge Grants Bail For JetBlue Flight Attendant

Who hasn’t had a day when they wanted to tell somebody off and storm out of the workplace? Well, a JetBlue flight attendant apparently did just that.

CBS 2–08/09/2010