Researchers Test Patch That Lets People Give Themselves Flu VaccineOnly 40 percent of adults in the United States get a flu shot each year, but a skin patch could change the way they receive the annual vaccine.
Not Getting Your Child Vaccinated For The Flu Could Have Deadly ConsequencesA new study from the Centers for Disease Control says the flu vaccine significantly reduces a child's risk of dying from the flu.
Flu Bug Hits Long Island HardThe flu bug is hitting Long Island hard this year and the number of reported cases since October have more than tripled over last year.
Nasal Mist Recommended As Preferred Flu Vaccine For ChildrenFor the first time, government health officials are recommending Flu Mist nasal spray as the preferred vaccine for healthy children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old.
Flu Widespread Across Half Of U.S.; Experts Urge VaccinationFlu cases started to spike right around Christmas. Now, the New York State Department of Health says the flu is widespread.
Dr. Max Gomez: Flu Shots For Better Heart HealthYour flu shot may be protecting you from more than just the flu. It could also protect you against the number one killer of Americans.
Mayor Bloomberg Gets Flu Shot, Urges New Yorkers To Do The SameThe mayor got his flu shot from pharmacist Barbara Naprawa at a Duane Reade pharmacy in lower Manhattan. New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley also received his influenza vaccine at the Duane Reade Thursday morning.
Flu Season Atypical In New JerseyIn New Jersey, state officials say influenza activity is low in the south and moderate in the north.
HealthWatch: FluIf you don't know anyone with the flu yet, it might not be long before you do. Nearly 1,000 positive flu tests were reported in New York last week and those are just the cases that were actually tested.
Widespread Flu Epidemic Taking Bite Out Of NYCNew York is showing a dramatic increase in the number of serious flu infections and emergency room visits, and doctors are trying to figure out the reason.
CDC Report: Widespread Flu Reports In New YorkThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says five states -- including New York -- had widespread reports of flu last week, up from zero two weeks earlier.
Eye On New York: Flu VaccinationsAfter last year's H1N1, health officials are asking the public to get flu shots this year. The CDC, for the first time, is calling for universal vaccination for all Americans.

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