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Food Cart

NYC Food Cart Vendors Issued 13,000 Tickets In 2010, Paid Only 400

Some call it the “Fifth Avenue shuffle” — street vendors ticketed and told to move only to move right back once the police leave the scene. The vendor violations have some calling for a street cart crackdown.


(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Traditional Hot Dog Vendors Disappearing From NYC Streets

When you think of food in the Big Apple, the hot dog is about as “New York” as it gets. But those street-side vendor carts are in transition.


Actress Julia Stiles stops by a food cart in SoHo - New York, NY (file / credit: Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

City Council Mulls Letter Grades For Food Carts

Restaurants in New York City have been required to display letter grades from the health department for over a year now but not street vendors. The City Council may consider changing that.