food prices

Thanksgiving Shopping (credit: CBS 2)

How To Save Money On Your Thanksgiving Shopping

Nearly 50 million turkeys will be prepared, but that turkey will cost on average 22 percent more than last year, up from about $0.25 a pound to $1.35.


Meat at Grocery Store (credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Rising Food Prices Force Consumers To Cut Back On Groceries

According to a new Siena College research poll, talk of the default and Wall Street’s plunge are worrying shoppers.


Meat at Grocery Store (credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Frustrated Tri-Staters Grow Weary Of Rising Prices For Gas, Groceries

It’s not just pain at the pump that’s causing frustration in the Tri-State Area. After 35 straight days of rising gas prices, the checkout lane will soon become more painful as well.