NYC Food Truck Lunch: Sesame Steak From Chop SteakWe found another new street vendor in midtown this week, serving grilled, marinated steak in five varieties.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Falafel Platter From The King of GyroOne thing you should know at the King of Gyro - the hot sauce was most definitely hot.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Tandoori Chicken From Dream ChickenThe basmati rice had string beans, peas, carrots and onions mixed into the rice, and looked good, but looks can sometimes be deceiving.
NYC's 5 Best Grilled Cheese SandwichesThough most delis can sell you pre-sliced American on white bread, here are some grilled cheese that are little more indulgent and worth a few more dollars.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Shrimp Burrito From Los ViajerosThis burrito was a variation on the usual protein, rice, lettuce and tomato with red (or green) salsa. It contained red cabbage and carrot slaw, chipotle aioli and pineapple salsa, and the meat was chipotle guava shrimp.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Spicy Pork Torta From Orale TacosThe spicy pork did not disappoint. It had a roasted flavor, had been cooked in a light tomato-based sauce, and was spicy as advertised.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: All-American Burger From Yankee Doodle Dandy'sPerry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Sausage, Gravy and Hash Brown Wafels From Wafels & Dinges Hash brown wafels are genius! They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like hash browns.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: "Don Vitone" From DiSO's Italian Sandwich SocietyDiSO's is like a top-notch Italian deli, but on wheels. They have a bunch of specialty meats to choose from, such as proscuitto, mortadella, capicola, salami and sopressata, as well as all the attendant fixings.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Lobster Mac & Cheese From Red Hook Lobster TruckAs for the lobster, there was plenty. Mixed into the container was meat from two whole claws, plus other assorted pieces. They certainly didn't skimp on the lobster.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Brie, Proscuitto and Strawberry Preserves Grilled Cheese From Gorilla CheeseWhen we got back to the office, opened the wrapper and pulled apart the two halves, we were greeted by the picture above: gooey cheese, prosciutto and strawberry preserves inside perfectly grilled white bread.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Grande Loco From Big D's Grub TruckThey say NYC is a melting pot. This lunch is a melting pot! It has elements of Texas, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India and middle America.

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