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4/25 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather Headlines

It sure has been a lovely Saturday across the region. Mostly sunny skies combined with pleasant temps to really help us forget about the chilly Friday we had!

12 hours ago

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4/24 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather Headlines

It will remain cool this afternoon with breezy conditions and partly cloudy skies.


Morning Severe

4/20 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather Headlines

Good morning everyone! Make sure you grab the umbrella as you head out to work/school this morning.


Evening Tonight

4/19 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather Headlines

It ended up being a pretty nice finish to the weekend – albeit cooler than yesterday’s highs in the 70s and 80s!


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4/19 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather Headlines

Good Sunday morning, folks! It’s going to be another lovely day across the area.


Evening 7 Day

4/18 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather Headlines

What a fantastic day it was across the Tri-State area – many folks saw their first 80 degree temps of the year!



4/18 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

What a beautiful day we have out there! In fact, this will be the warmest day of the year so far!


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4/17 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather Headlines

As expected, it’s a damp one out there today. We’ll be dealing with on-and-off showers moving through for the rest of this afternoon and early evening, so keep the umbrella handy!


Morning 7 Day

4/13 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather Headlines

Good morning everybody! It’s going to be a spectacular start to the week. Plenty of sun with a few clouds, low humidity, and mild temps.


Evening 7 Day

4/12 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather Headlines

Today was definitely the better of the two days in terms of temps – many folks reached the upper 60s! Skies will remain clear tonight and we’ll drop to 49 overnight in NYC.


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4/12 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather Headlines

If you’re stepping outside for an early morning run, you’ll notice a chill in the air. Many spots are starting in the 30s and low 40s.


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4/11 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather Headlines

What a Saturday it’s been across the area! Plentiful sunshine and nice temps really made up for the cool, damp and cloudy week we just endured.



4/11 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

After this week’s gloomy days, the sun has finally returned! In fact, it’ll be sticking around for a while.


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4/10 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather Headlines

Expect breaks of sun this afternoon, especially south and west of the city where we’ll see some of our warmest temps well into the 60s to nearly 70°!


Morning Wakeup

4/6 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather Headlines

For all the early risers, make sure you bring an extra layer as we’ll start off in the upper 30s and mid 40s – 45 in NYC.