Frozen Pipes

Water pipes could freeze in extreme cold, experts warn. (Credit: CBS2)

Experts Warn Extreme Cold Could Freeze, Burst Pipes

The cold weather was causing problems Thursday for people not just outdoors, but indoors too.


(Credit: CBS2)

Experts Warn Of Frozen Pipe Dangers As Temps Plummet Across Tri-State

Utilities are making house calls across Long Island as temperatures plunge and homeowners worry.


Frozen pipes caused by frigid temperatures keep plumbers around the Tri-State area busy (file/credit: CBS 2)

Tips To Avoid A Burst Pipe In The Bitter Cold

An expert said leaving the hot and cold faucets dripping slightly will prevent the pressure from building and keep the pipe from bursting.


Winterizing Your Home

Experts Pass Along Advice For Protecting Your Home From Extreme Cold

Temperatures in the single digits were set to arrive early Tuesday, and they can really do a number on your home.


Long Island Power Line Freeze Fears

L.I. Residents Worry About Frozen Power Lines, Pipes In Bitter Cold

With temperatures plummeting to the single digits overnight Monday night into Tuesday, a significant fear has mounted that rain-soaked trees will end up covered in ice. And when winds kick up overnight, the ice-coated branches could bring down electric power lines.