Mets Center Fielder Juan Lagares Wins First Gold GloveSt. Louis catcher Yadier Molina has won his seventh Gold Glove in a row while three players from both the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles have been honored for fielding excellence.
Mets Shut Out Of NL Gold Glove HonorsCincinnati third baseman Scott Rolen won his eighth Gold Glove, one of three Reds players to be honored following the team's first Major League Baseball playoff appearance in 15 years.
B&C Show Blog & Audio: Gold Glove WorthyBoomer wasn’t thrilled this morning after the Rangers lost to the Washington Capitals at the Garden last night - but when he turned to his left, he immediately felt better...
Jeter Wins 5th Gold GloveIchiro Suzuki won his 10th straight Gold Glove for a full season of fielding excellence. Derek Jeter, well, his selection is likely to set off another loud round of dispute over whether the award is relevant anymore.

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