Top Prospects Keep Hank Steinbrenner Bullish On YankeesThe team's co-chairman thinks young players who came up late this season such as Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin and others still developing in the farm system can soon become the face of New York's next dynasty.
Steinbrenner: A-Rod Is Having 'One Of The Greatest Comeback Years' Ever"It's an amazing year," he said. "The bad hips, all the other stuff, the more than a year off at his age. To come back and do what he's done is pretty amazing."
ESPN Latest To Dump Donald TrumpThey are the latest company to part ways with Trump, the Republican presidential candidate who caused controversy with inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants.
Hank Steinbrenner On A-Rod: 'Hopefully He'll Help The Lineup'"Hopefully this spring he can contribute, that's the bottom line," Steinbrenner, the Yankees' co-chairman, said. "He can hit. He's a natural. Hopefully he can still do it."
Keidel: There Remains Something Charmingly Evil About This EmpireIt seems the Yankees were steadfast in their budgetary discipline. Until they weren't. And thank goodness for that. Not only are we spoiled Yankees fans better off, but so is baseball.
Masahiro Tanaka's Goal With Yankees: 'To Become World Champions'Asked to deliver a message to New York fans in English on Thursday, Tanaka said he plans to let his performance on the field do the talking.
Top 10 New Year's Resolutions For 2014 From Around The Sports WorldIt's New Year's resolution time. Here's what prominent sports figures are (or should be) saying.
Keidel: Hal Is Not His Father, And The Yankees May Pay Dearly For ItSaddled with the twin burdens of bulging expectations and a newfound frugality, Hal Steinbrenner is at a crossroads. His next few moves could decide the next decade for the New York Yankees.
Hal Steinbrenner: We're Not Selling The Team, And We Can Win With $189M Payroll"We are committed as a family to be in this long-term," Steinbrenner said. "We enjoy this, this is why we're all involved -- all of my siblings. And we're going to continue, every year, to field a championship-caliber team."
Robertson's $3.1M Contract Pushes Yankees' Payroll Up To $206M David Robertson will earn $3.1 million under his one-year deal with the Yanks, increases Yankees' projected payroll to about $206M.
Steinbrenner Won't Address A-Rod Return Next Season Hank Steinbrenner says too much blame is being directed at Alex Rodriguez for Detroit's sweep of the Yankees, and won't address whether the slumping star will be back in New York next season.
Day Of Reckoning Had To Come For A-Rod The day of reckoning was always going to come for the Yankees, ever since the Steinbrenner brothers caved in and re-signed A-Rod.

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