Seen At 11: Cold Temperatures, A New Beauty Trend?What if limited exposure to cold could actually help you lose weight, or help prevent aging skin?
Seen At 11: Discount Spices Aren't Always What They SeemSome discount spices may be mixed with other ingredients that you may not be expecting, experts say.
Seen At 11: Is Snacking On The Job Making You Fat?Is the effort to boost camaraderie and office morale with food sabotaging your diet?
5 Gym Essentials For 2016Here are five things to add to your workout that will leave you not only feeling good but looking good, too.
Seen At 11: Simple Ways To Help Promote Positive ThinkingImproving your outlook on life may be easier than you think -- it's the power of positive thinking, and new technology you can use at home can actually train your brain to be happy.
Experts Share Advice On Keeping New Year's Health ResolutionsThe University of Pennsylvania said after one week, 75 percent of us are still on track, but six months later, that figure drops to 40 percent.
Health Watch: Can Warm Winter Weather Make Us Sick?According to some medical experts, changing weather conditions may have less of an impact on our health than we think.
NY Launches Registration For Upcoming Medical Marijuana ProgramQualified New Yorkers can now enroll in the state's upcoming medical marijuana program online.
Cancer Patients Celebrate Gift Of Life, Meet For First Time After Clinical Trial At LI HospitalAround 70 patients, all diagnosed with different types of metastatic cancer, participated in a trial run of the drug Opdivo -- a treatment which is believed to enable the body's own immune system to fight off cancer.
Moroccan Teen With Life-Threatening Facial Growth Unveils New Look At NYC HospitalIt was a risky surgery, but one that may have saved one teenager's face -- along with his life.
Standing Wheelchair Gives New Mobility To Spinal Injury VictimsTek RMD is a segway-like device that allows people with spinal chord injuries to stand and move while upright.
Seen At 11: Can Relying On Technology Cause 'Digital Amnesia?'Experts say using your smart phone as an extension of your brain to store things like birth dates and passwords is leading to what's known as "digital amnesia."

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