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Cathie Black

US Education Chief Meets NYC’s Future Chancellor

Duncan was in New York for an announcement about an initiative to beef up GED programs.


Cathie Black

US Education Chief To Meet With Cathie Black

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is preparing to meet with the publishing executive who is poised to take over the city’s public school system.


Cathie Black

Incoming NYC Schools Chancellor Asks For ‘Chance’

The incoming chancellor of New York City’s public school system is pleading with the public to give her a chance to show that she can do the job.


Cathie Black (L); Rally condemning the choice of Black to be the next Chancellor (R) (AP PHOTOS)

Critics Protest Bloomberg’s Schools Chief Choice

Critics of Mayor Bloomberg’s pick for schools chancellor said Cathie Black’s lack of educational experience or background made her an inappropriate choice for the job.