Heidi Jones

Heidi Jones walks to court Wednesday with her Attorney Paul Callan (credit: CBS 2)

Former WABC Meteorologist Gets Community Service For Attempted Rape Hoax

Heidi Jones was sentenced to three years probation in a plea deal. She must also perform 350 hours of community service and seek psychiatric counseling.


Heidi Jones outside a Manhattan courthouse on Jan. 5, 2011 (Photo/Juliet Papa)

Former WABC-TV Weatherperson Heidi Jones Pleads Guilty To Faking Rape Story

Heidi Jones, a former TV meteorologist, admitted today that she had made up claims of being repeatedly attacked by a stranger on the city streets. The allegations sparked an extensive investigation before police said she told them she’d invented the story to get attention.


Heidi Jones/Twitter Photo

Heidi Jones, WABC-TV Meteorologist Accused Of Crying Rape, Making Deal?

A defense lawyer says he and prosecutors are discussing “a possible resolution” of charges that a local WABC-TV meteorologist fabricated claims of being raped in Manhattan.


Heidi Jones outside a Manhattan courthouse on Jan. 5, 2011 (Photo/Juliet Papa)

DA: WABC-TV Meteorologist Made Up Attack For Attention

Authorities say WABC-TV meteorologist Heidi Jones told police she concocted claims of being attacked because she was under personal and professional stress and wanted attention.


Heidi Jones/Twitter Photo

WABC-TV Meteorologist: I Never Told Police I Was Raped

A lawyer for Heidi Jones said Friday his client never said she was the victim of an attempted rape. The attorney did not clarify what Jones says she told police.


Heidi Jones/Twitter Photo

Cops: WABC-TV Weather Anchor Jones Lied About Rape

A Channel 7 weather anchor was suspended from her job on Wednesday, after police said she filed a phony police report about being stalked and assaulted in Central Park.