ice melt

Experts urge Tri-State area residents to stock on ice melt for Wednesday because ice on top of existing snow is a bad combination. (Photo: CBS 2)

Experts Warn Of Power Line, Generator Dangers Amid Snow And Ice

This week’s back-to-back snowstorms are raising some unusual issues for homeowners, but there are still few hours left to prepare.


Ice Melt

Seen At 11: Ice Melt And Brake Lines, A Potentially Dangerous Combination

When the snow starts to fall, we’re all relieved to see salt spreaders on the roads, keeping conditions safe for drivers. But what if that salt was actually creating different, potentially deadly conditions for motorists, and danger on the roads?


Ice melt

Secret Supply: Can’t Find Ice Melt? We Got Your Hook-Up

So New Jersey has a FEMA declaration, but it may take an act of Congress to find a bag of ice melt. But if you live in north Jersey, you’re in luck. There’s secret supply that should get you through the winter.


A Home Depot Store - File / Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Residents Hit Stores To Restock On Food, Shovels

Secaucus and other Bergen County residents stormed the Home Depot and Stop And Shop to stock up on supplies as the blizzard approaches.