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Tax Rackets – Common Scams Against Honest Taxpayers

Tax day is fast approaching. Review some of the more common tax scams, so that you can avoid them.


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Selling Goods Online May Soon Cost You With The IRS

You may sell things online as a hobby, but the government may now consider you a business and it will cost you.


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Scam Artists Raid Mailboxes In Search Of Tax Refund Checks

On a quiet street in Lyndhurst a pair of low-level scam artists have allegedly been ripping off refunds, one house and one mailbox at a time.


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New E-mail Scam Tricks Taxpayers By Pretending To Be The IRS

A warning for anybody getting ready to file their taxes or who may be waiting for their return. A new email scam is aimed at robbing you of your hard earned cash.


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Seen At 11: Could You Fall For This Tax Scam?

It’s a sophisticated ploy and even the savviest taxpayers are falling for it. All it takes is the click of a mouse, you think you’re connecting to the IRS website it’s really just an email from a scammer.


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IRS Sues Yankees’ Hal Steinbrenner For ‘Erroneous’ $670,493 Tax Refund

The IRS says a refund claim was filed too late and has sued Steinbrenner and his wife, Christina, to recover $670,493.78.


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Prison Term For 2 New Jersey Men Convicted In Tax Fraud Case

Prosecutors said the men and several co-conspirators used personal information of hundreds of identity theft victims to create false income tax returns and generate refund checks. The checks were deposited into two dozen bank accounts the conspirators controlled.


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Report: For Exchanging Derek Jeter’s 3,000 Ball, 14K Tax Bill Awaits Yankees Fan Christian Lopez

The debate rages: Would you have given back Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball? Now it turns out that Christian Lopez, who owes more than $100,000 in student loan debt, may now owe 14 grand to the IRS.


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Tri-State Area Would Suffer In Event Of Federal Government Shutdown

In New York City, where roughly 10 percent of revenue comes from Washington, thousands of locally-based federal workers would be furloughed.


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GE Tax Strategies Have Them Avoiding To Pay Uncle Sam

As we all prepare to file our taxes and possibly write our checks to the IRS, one major U.S. company is avoiding taxes altogether.


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Senators Seek End To Prisoners’ Bogus Tax Refunds

Some prisoners use their own names or the names of friends and associates to submit false claims to receive and cash refund checks.


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Conn. Hopes To Recoup $2.5M In Unemployment Fraud

Connecticut officials say hundreds of people have defrauded the state by collecting $2.5 million in unemployment benefits they do not deserve.



IRS Has Nearly $7M In Undelivered NJ Funds

The IRS has some good news for nearly 3,200 New Jerseyans who did not received their tax refunds this year: There’s nearly $7 million waiting for them.


Former Chris Shays Campaign Manager Sentenced

Michael Sohn got 37 months in prison for embezzling more than $250,000 in campaign funds from Shays.