Reports: Jets Waive Wide Receiver Jason HillThe Jets have waived receiver Jason Hill.
Fighting To Save Season, Jets' Ryan Won't Tweak PatriotsRex Ryan has no bold message for Bill Belichick and the Patriots this week. Nope, no fightin' words this time around.
Lichtenstein: Jets' Offensive Line Steals The ShowThis is purgatory for Jets fans like me. Look, I’m thrilled that the line was rejuvenated, if only for a week. But I don’t see how it will be enough to get New York to the postseason tournament.
Lichtenstein: Why Isn't T.O. Welcome Into The Jets’ Circus?Why not go all in? Bring Terrell Owens into the circus. Ryan can wear a ringmaster outfit on the sidelines, something the Jets could market in advance of Halloween. Set up three small rings on the sideline. Owens could ride in on a white horse.
Schwartz: The Jets Played Better, But It Was Just Another Loss For Gang GreenThey played hard and they played better, but they fell short against the Texans on Monday night at MetLife Stadium. They were fortunate that the 5-0 Texans didn't play their best game, but the Jets couldn't take advantage of the opportunities that were in front of them.
Jets' Rex: Sanchez 'Played Better Than The Numbers Indicate'Mark Sanchez finished 14 of 31 for 230 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions — but was done in by a few tipped passes.
Jets' Santonio Holmes Placed On Injured Reserve, Will Miss Rest Of SeasonThe season just continues to spiral downward for Gang Green. Santonio Holmes will miss the rest of this season with an injured left foot, leaving the struggling New York Jets without their top offensive playmaker.
Jets Sign Journeyman Wide Receiver Jason Hill Seeking depth at a position decimated by injuries, the Jets have signed wide receiver Jason Hill.
Revis Disappointed Not To See Jason Hill"I was in tears he didn't play," Revis said. "Being in these experiences in the past, if you trash talk, at least show up and play."
Revis Shrugs Off Trash Talk From Jason HillWhen Revis was told that Jacksonville's Jason Hill recently suggested that he and the rest of the Jets might be "overhyped" because of the large media market they play in, he was confused.

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