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Joan Lunden Graces Cover Of People Magazine With Bald Head As She Battles Cancer

Joan Lunden announced her breast cancer diagnosis back in June.


4.11.13 Find Happy

C’Mon, Get Happy: Author Will Bowen Talks Getting Happy This Year

Will Bowen, the author of “Happy This Year,” says happiness is already withing all of us. Bowen proclaims that happiness is our destiny and birthright, and – even better – we actually are already happy to some extent. We just have to recognize happiness, claim it and expand on it.


4.11.13 Behind the scenes

Catching Up With Guest Host Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden, our guest host for Thursday on Live From The Couch, is a familiar face for millions of Americans. First, she was a morning show host for nearly two decades. Now she’s a writer, health and wellness expert and entrepreneur.