Juicing (file/credit: CBS 2)

Latest Trend In Healthy Eating: Cold-Pressed Juices

Once sold as liquid cleanses, cold-pressed juices are now hitting the market as an infusion of fruits and veggies on the go. But experts caution that the process of juicing removes the fiber from fruits and vegetables.


Juicing (file/credit: CBS 2)

Juicing: Sure-Fire And Safe Weight Loss Method? Or Is Something Missing?

A lot of people looking to lose weight or eat more vegetables have jumped on the juicing bandwagon. But is drinking your food healthy or just hype?


Love Grace Cleanse

NYC’s 5 Best Juice Cleanses, Part II

New Yorkers who love juices have plenty of options available. Drink your way healthy with these five fabulous juice cleanses.


Keri Glassman on The Couch (credit: WLNY)

Juicing 101 With Nutritionist Keri Glassman

Is juicing really the healthiest option for you? We had questions, and nutritionist Keri Glassman had the answers.


Getting Juiced Up

Mobile Couch: Getting Juiced Up In The Village

TV 10-55’s Alex Denis and the Mobile Couch visited Juice Press (JP 5) in the West Village, where we learned how to press our own juice.