Anti Chick-fil-A protestors hold signs outside a Chick-fil-A  fast food restaurant, in California. (Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages)

Gay Rights Groups Stage ‘Kiss-In’ Demonstrations At Chick-fil-A Restaurants

Two days after hundreds of thousands of customers attended “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” gay rights activists planned “kiss-in” demonstrations at Chick-fil-A restaurants to protest the fast-food chain owner’s opposition to same-sex unions.


Times Square Kiss In

Time To Pucker Up In Times Square

Hundreds of couples donned sailor’s hats and nurses caps and smooched in Times Square on Saturday to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II.


A statue has been erected in Times Square to recreate the moment in which a sailor kissed a nurse in Times Square as America celebrated the end of World War II. (AP Photo)

Times Square To Celebrate V-J Day With Kissing Contest

A 26 foot statue standing in Times Square depicts the famous moment when an unknown sailor spontaneously kissed a nurse during a celebration marking the end of World War II.