Korilla BBQ

(credit: New York Street Food)

NYC Food Truck Lunch: Spicy Pork Salad Bowl From Korilla BBQ

Back in late 2010, Korilla BBQ took the NYC food truck world by storm, as the first Korean fusion street vendor in our fair city; now there are at least four. After a hiatus earlier this year, Korilla is back


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Beef Chosun Bowl From Korilla BBQ

The beef was tasty, with the sweet mirin-type marinade very apparent. There was also a nice grilled flavor to the meat.


(credit: Korilla BBQ)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Korean Tacos from Korilla BBQ

The red kimchi (on the pork taco) was the spiciest and had the most vinegary taste, the shredded daikon (on the chicken taco) was cool and refreshing, and the cucumber spear (on the tofu taco) had that pickle vibe going on.